Emily Kimbrough

1899 - 1989
The daughter of Hal Curry and Charlotte Wiles Kimbrough, Emily Kimbrough was born on Oct. 23, 1899, in Muncie, Ind. She attended Faulkner School and Miss Wright's School for Girls and earned the A.B. degree from Bryn Mawr College in 1921. She married John Wrench on Dec. 31, 1926. They had two daughters, Alis Emily and Margaret Achsah, but were later divorced. Miss Kimbrough was editor of "Fashions of the Hour" during 1922-26 and fashion editor, 1926, and managing editor, 1927-29, of Ladies Home Journal (New York City). In addition to being a writer and lecturer, she is the author of film scripts for television and motion pictures.

Information from Contemporary Authors.

Works by Emily Kimbrough

We Followed Our Hearts to Hollywood, 1943

How Dear to My Heart, 1944

It Gives Me Great Pleasure, 1948

The Innocents from Indiana, 1950

Through Charley's Door, 1952

Forty Plus and Fancy Free, 1954

Our Hearts Were Young and Gay (with Cornelia Otis Skinner), 1954

So Near and Yet So Far, 1955

Water, Water, Everywhere, 1956

And a Right Good Crew, 1958

Pleasure by the Busload, 1961

Forever Old, Forever New, 1964

Floating Island, 1968

Source: Indiana Authors and their Books

October 23 is the birthday of the writer Emily Kimbrough, born in Muncie, Indiana (1899). In the early 1920's, Kimbrough and her friend Cornelia Otis Skinner booked passage for Europe on an ocean liner and began a series of humorous misadventures--such as getting shipwrecked on the St. Lawrence River before they even reached the ocean.

They wrote a memoir about the trip in 1942, Our Hearts Where Young and Gay. Kimbrough followed with two more books of her own: We Followed Our Hearts to Hollywood (1943) and How Dear to My Heart (1944), a memoir of her childhood in turn-of-the-century Muncie.

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